I’m a versatile storyteller with the ability to go between news, copywriting, feature stories, content creation, and more. I have hundreds of articles published across multiple industries such as wellness, sports, feminism, marketing, lifestyle, travel, and photography.

About Me

I am a writer and activist published at Women’s Health, Rewire by PBS, FloSports, Ms. Magazine, and more.

When I’m not writing you can find me curled up with a good book, crossing the finish line of my latest race, collecting stamps in my passport, or daydreaming about the fall of the patriarchy.

Some of my skills include: SEO l MediaOS l Google Analytics, Trends, and Apps l SailThru l Fact Checking l Editing l Communication l Interviewing l Pitching l Research l Microsoft Office l Social Media l AP Style l Organization l Time Management l Public Speaking l Content Strategy

My most recent Women’s Health article generated over 167,000 page views and 215,000 users, keeping reader attention for an average of 5:13.

At Rewire.org by PBS, I interview experts and write articles to improve audience’s lives. Traffic increased by 15.62% the month I began freelancing for their site.

Traffic to Ms. Magazine’s blog increased by 7.9% during the quarter I wrote for them and I wrote over three times the number of articles required during my four-month internship.

I out-perform KPIs at FloSports, proven by my articles frequently dominating the “trending” articles section of the company website. 

When the director unexpectedly stepped down during the busiest month of the year, I took leadership at Project Consent, creating and posting social media content to educate an audience of 19k.

A freelance article I wrote for SoSheSlays increased traffic by 34%, and engagement went up 95.67% during the month I published multiple articles at The Conversationalist.

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I have written for multiple industries with the ability to go between news, copywriting, feature stories, content creation, clickbait stories, and more. I have never missed a deadline in my five years of professional writing experience, and I don’t plan to start today!

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I consistently outperform expectations of time it takes to write an article and views my articles can achieve, boosting productivity and numbers for companies I write for. Want to hear more statistics? Get in touch below.

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