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I have written for many diverse organizations with the ability to go between news, copywriting, feature stories, content creation, clickbait stories, and more. I have never missed a deadline in my five years of professional writing experience, and I don’t plan to start today.

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My skills and specialities include writing, editing, SEO, content creation, communications, and more. I consistently outperform expectations of time it takes to write an article and views my articles can achieve, boosting productivity and numbers for companies I write for. Want to hear specific stats? Get in touch below.

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In my five years of writing experience I have written for FloSports, Ms. Magazine, The UnEdit, Project Consent, The LORES, and more.

I write because it is my passion. I love to use words to tell a story and share experiences, and getting to do it for a career is incredible. I aim to attain a full-time writing position and continue living my dream.

Outside of work I love to do anything active, including running, biking, swimming, hiking, yoga, lifting, and more. I love to travel and have been to twelve countries and counting! Feminism is my beat and I am very involved in activism, inside and outside of the writing world.


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